UpdatedMonday December 6, 2021 byBYB.

Travel Ball

The Travel Ball program is a more competitive option available for 9 - 12 YO players. A player must try out to participate on a travel team. A selection committee will evaluate all players to determine who makes the travel roster.

Players who make a travel team will not be placed on a league team. A player’s travel team will be their only team. 9-Year-old travel team(s) will play in the BYB league – in the AAA Division, but their travel team will also be their league team. 9-year-old travel teams(s) can schedule other games on nights they do not have a league game scheduled.

Travel team coaches will finalize their team schedules along with start and end dates. Travel team schedules will consist of games during the week (home and away) with other out of town and in town travel teams - along with weekend tournaments.

Practices will be scheduled by the coaches. A typical travel season starts in March and goes through July with the opportunity to play in the Cal Ripken State Tournament. Travel teams also have the opportunity to advance onto regionals based on their finish at the state tournament.

Players that make a travel team will incur an additional fee. The additional fee will be based on the number of games and tournaments the specific travel team schedules (determined by the head coach of each team).

If your player tries out for a travel team and does not make the travel roster, they will be placed on a league team. League teams will have a competitive schedule with games and practices starting the week of May 16 and ending with a tournament the first week of August.