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Philosophy of Bismarck Youth Baseball

The philosophy of Cal Ripken and Bismarck Youth Baseball is to provide a supervised, structured game of baseball, under the leadership of good role models. Our goal is to instill in the participants ideals of good sportsmanship, teamwork, and respect for authority, while learning, playing and enjoying baseball.

Structure of Bismarck Youth Baseball

Bismarck Youth Baseball, Incorporated, is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, educational nonprofit, charitable organization, incorporated under the laws of North Dakota, and a chartered member of Cal Ripken Baseball. The program is exclusively operated by volunteers and is funded exclusively by registration fees, sponsorships, donations, and annual fund raising events.

Geographical boundaries require that players in BYB must reside in Bismarck, or in outlying towns that are on the East side of the Missouri River. We cannot accept players who reside in Mandan, unless the player started with BYB while residing in Bismarck, and did not have a lapse in regular season registrations with BYB. There is a Cal Ripken league in Mandan, and Mandan residents are encouraged to contact Mandan Parks and Recreation for details regarding that league. 

BYB provides five divisions of play, designed for the needs of the players: The T-Ball division accommodates players that are six years of age; the Rookie Division accommodates players from seven to eight years of age; the AA Division accommodates players from nine to ten years of age; and the AAA and Majors Divisions accommodate players from eleven to twelve years of age. League age is determined by the age the child is on April 30 preceding the regular baseball season. This date is determined by a consensus of national baseball leagues, not a decision made by Bismarck Youth Baseball as an individual organization. The divisions are separate and distinct providing natural progression as the players learn the fundamentals of baseball. BYB does not allow for players to play in divisions (up or down) outside of their designated 'age-eligible' division.